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Conference Call: Life Is Complicated. Filing Your Taxes Shouldn’t Be.

Note: This event will now be held as a conference call. Dial-in information will be provided upon registration.

Our tax system faces three major problems:

  1. It’s difficult for the government to administer
  2. It’s burdensome for many households to comply with
  3. It’s easy for some households to evade

These problems place unnecessary costs on taxpayers and the government alike. All three issues are exacerbated by a persistent underfunding of the Internal Revenue Service that harms its ability to conduct effective audits, assist taxpayers, and provide oversight of those who prey on vulnerable taxpayers.

Join BPC, the Tax Foundation, and Prosperity Now as we explore ways to make tax administration more efficient and equitable, in conjunction with the release of a new paper from three distinguished co-authors: Jason Fichtner, Bill Gale, and Jeff Trinca.

Speakers will include: