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Lessons from the 2022 Tax Filing Season: How to Improve the Taxpayer Experience

Tax filing is complicated and time-consuming, a fact that has been exacerbated for many taxpayers in recent years. Substantial relief programs disappeared as quickly as they appeared, such as the expanded advance Child Tax Credit, leading to taxpayer confusion and difficulties with the tax filing process. The National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA) attributes part of the 23.7 million return backlog to pandemic relief programs.

Adding to the difficulties, the IRS telephone service “was the worst it has ever been” in 2021, with an answer rate of about 11 percent, according to a study by the NTA. Even as Congress boosts IRS funding, taxpayers are struggling to comply with changing tax law and an unresponsive tax collector.

Complexity in the tax code contributes to the current difficulties and questions remain about the appropriate role of the IRS and its relationship with people and businesses. 

Our panelists will explore the 2022 taxpayer experience and how Congress can set up the tax code to make tax filing a less stressful proposition.

Key Questions:

  • How did last year’s pandemic relief impact refunds?
  • Which taxpayers had the most difficulty filing this season and why?
  • What should taxpayers expect if some of the temporary programs return this year? 
  • How can family provisions (such as the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit) be structured to make compliance easier and reduce improper payments?
  • What is the appropriate role for the IRS? Is it the ideal agency to deliver pandemic relief?
  • How should Congress enact future relief that reaches those in need quickly while balancing efficiency?

These questions and more will be answered by our all-star lineup of tax professionals, hosted by the Tax Foundation. Our lineup will be moderated by Tax Foundation’s Will McBride and feature:

  • Alex Muresianu, Federal Policy Analyst, Tax Foundation
  • Ben Deneka, Program Manager, H&R Block

Join us on Wednesday, April 20th at noon ET for a timely virtual discussion to learn more about these topics and solutions to improve tax filing.