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Since its founding in 1937, it has been a cornerstone of the Tax Foundation's educational mission to provide taxpayers, policymakers, and the public with reliable and accessible tax data.

As we wrote in the first edition of our ongoing state data project Facts & Figures in 1941: "There is a need for concise and accurate data. Facts give a broader perspective; facts dissipate predilections and prejudices."

Too often the facts we need to make informed decisions about our tax codes are buried on government websites or in academic papers. It's our goal with the datasets and visualizations below to extract that vital knowledge and make it available to everyone, in the hopes that it contributes to a healthier and more informed public debate.

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Our experts are continuously analyzing the day’s most relevant tax policy topics and are relied upon routinely for presentations, testimony, and media appearances on tax issues spanning every level of government. Learn more about our experts below and meet our full team, here.

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