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Tax Foundation Wins State Tax Notes Honor, Third Year Running

1 min readBy: Joseph Bishop-Henchman

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For three years running now, we have been honored as most influential in state tax policy by State Tax Notes (subscription req’d). This year, they present it as an unranked list of ten recipients. The list is five state officials, three lawyers, one legislator, and us:

It’s a three-peat for the Tax Foundation, which has been included in this feature every year since 2011. It’s hard to argue against its inclusion, given the wide use of its state and local tax data. The foundation, in upholding its mission of “educating taxpayers about sensible tax policy,” continues to be a constant and reliable source of data, studies, and other information.

Every state tax practitioner in the country will be getting a copy of the magazine with pictures of our state policy team on the cover, Brady Bunch style.

We are honored by the recognition! We share it with our many friends and contributors, who make our work for a more sensible tax system possible. Thank you!