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States Putting Unclaimed Property Searches Online

1 min readBy: Joseph Bishop-Henchman

The State of California is holding billions of dollars of unclaimed property, and has updated its searchable web database. From the Sacramento Bee:

Just two weeks after the deadline for banks and businesses to report accounts that have sat dormant for the last three years, state officials say millions of Californians could have money waiting to be claimed.

Where does it all come from? Forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks or dividends, overlooked security deposits or utility refunds, old stocks or mutual funds, unclaimed life insurance payouts. Even the contents of grandma’s safe deposit box.

Accounts go dormant for varied reasons: Someone moves or divorces and can’t be located. Or a person loses track of a paycheck, refund or dividend check. Or when someone dies and their heirs are unaware that unclaimed assets exist.

Being a Californian, I’m pleased to report that I found a $70 unclaimed payment for my sister. After I posted the link to my Facebook wall, many of my Californian friends reported finding property for themselves or family members. Search for your property here.

For other states, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators provides links to the relevant officials and websites.