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Major State Tax-Related Election Results

1 min readBy: Joseph Bishop-Henchman
  • WA Initiative 1098 (imposing a state income taxA tax is a mandatory payment or charge collected by local, state, and national governments from individuals or businesses to cover the costs of general government services, goods, and activities. of 5% on individuals making more than $200,000 and 9% on individuals making more than $500,000): FAILING STRONGLY
  • WA Initiative 1053 would reinstate the supermajority requirement for tax increases: PASSING STRONGLY
  • CO Amendment 60 would enact protections from property taxA property tax is primarily levied on immovable property like land and buildings, as well as on tangible personal property that is movable, like vehicles and equipment. Property taxes are the single largest source of state and local revenue in the U.S. and help fund schools, roads, police, and other services. increases: STILL OUT BUT FAILING
  • CO Amendment 61 would curtail state debt and require local governments to obtain voter approval for their debt: STILL OUT BUT FAILING
  • CO Proposition 101 would lower the state’s income tax to 4.5%, and eventually phase down to 3.5%: STILL OUT BUT FAILING
  • MA Question 3 would reduce the sales taxA sales tax is levied on retail sales of goods and services and, ideally, should apply to all final consumption with few exemptions. Many governments exempt goods like groceries; base broadening, such as including groceries, could keep rates lower. A sales tax should exempt business-to-business transactions which, when taxed, cause tax pyramiding. from 6.25% to 3%: FAILED 43-57
  • MO Proposition A would limit local income taxes and require voter approval to renew them: PASSED STRONGLY
  • CA Proposition 23 would suspend Assembly Bill 32, a global-warming initiative, from taking effect unless unemployment falls below 5.5%: STILL OUT BUT FAILING
  • CA Proposition 25 would repeal the requirement that two-thirds of the legislature to pass a budget: STILL OUT BUT PASSING
  • CA Proposition 26 would require a two-thirds vote of the legislature for several types of fees: STILL OUT BUT PASSING
  • VA Question 3 would increase the state rainy day fund: VERY CLOSE, BUT PASSING
  • California Proposition 19, which would legalize and tax marijuana is still too close to call, but lagging: STILL PENDING BUT LAGGING

As of 12:00 AM midnight Eastern time