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Karl Smith

Karl Smith

Adjunct Scholar

Karl Smith is an adjunct scholar with the Tax Foundation, where he advises on federal tax and economic issues.

Mr. Smith is also a member of the editorial board at Bloomberg and an opinion columnist there, where he writes on a broad range of current economic issues. Mr. Smith’s opinion and analysis pieces have been featured in outlets including: The Financial Times,, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and The Washington Post.

Prior to Bloomberg, Mr. Smith was a professor of economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2008, he founded an internationally recognized economic policy blog titled Modeled Behavior, with a related, similarly recognized social media presence.
Mr. Smith holds a PhD in economics from North Carolina State University.

Latest Work

Watch: Economic Recovery After Coronavirus

What are the best tax policies to encourage a smooth transition and strong economic recovery? How should goals of economic recovery and growth be balanced with revenue needs?

1 min read

Watch: Coronavirus: A Path to Economic Recovery

What challenges should we expect to face as the U.S. economy begins to re-open? When is the right time for legislators to start focusing on long-term recovery vs. short-term needs? What policies should federal legislators pursue to clear a path to recovery?

1 min read

Tax Policy After Coronavirus: Clearing a Path to Economic Recovery

Governments at all levels must work to remove the tax policy barriers that stand in the way of economic recovery and long-term prosperity following the COVID-19 crisis. Our new guide outlines several comprehensive options that policymakers can take at the federal and state levels.

26 min read
American Rescue Plan state tax cuts, American Rescue Plan tax cuts State Unemployment Compensation Trust Funds, Elizabeth Warren wealth tax, Some tax hikes are more damaging than others, according to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and new Tax Foundation economic modeling.

Analysis of Sen. Warren and Sen. Sanders’ Wealth Tax Plans

New modeling finds that the wealth taxes proposed by Sen. Warren and Sen. Sanders would raise significantly less revenue than promised, face serious administrative and compliance challenges, and would increase foreign ownership of U.S. capital.

38 min read