Lawyer-Escort Sentenced to Home Detention, Fines, to Pay Back Taxes

October 2, 2009

This almost doesn’t require commentary:

Stanford law graduate Cristina Warthen has been sentenced to one year of home detention and ordered to pay $243,000 for failing to pay taxes on money earned running an escort service.[…]

“Warthen gained notoriety when she was busted as a jet-setting call girl who sold her services to pay off her Stanford Law School debts,” the [San Jose Mercury-News] says.

Well maybe my commentary is adding these paragraphs from the story:

Federal prosecutors agreed to the lower amount when Warthen demonstrated she could not pay it after her recent divorce from David Warthen, the co-founder of the online search engine Ask Jeeves, now known as Court papers show the once-wealthy Web entrepreneur’s finances were decimated by last year’s stock market collapse, and he could not provide more money to his now-ex-wife, who says she’s unemployed.

But Ware was dismayed to learn from federal prosecutors and probation officials that Warthen has continued to advertise her escort services as she has awaited sentencing. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Callaway told the judge Warthen has posted ads on the Internet offering “companionship” for $2,000 a night.

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