About the Gross Receipts Tax Working Group

High quality research is irrelevant if it goes unread. That’s why we take an on-the-ground approach through our Gross Receipts Tax Working Group to engage the people that gross receipts taxes really affect.

Through the Tax Foundation’s Gross Receipts Tax Working Group, we provide a unique setting where business leaders can connect with Tax Foundation experts to stay up-to-date on the trends of gross receipts taxes, help identify potential studies and white papers, and hear directly from our economists who are working with policymakers. 

How We’re Guiding the Debate

In every state we engage in, our team builds meaningful and lasting relationships with the legislators responsible for deciding tax policy. When a gross receipts tax is proposed, we meet one-on-one with policymakers and stakeholders to help them understand exactly how the tax would impact their state’s economy, businesses, and taxpayers.

Over the last 23 months, the Tax Foundation has written more than 25 articles on the dangers of gross receipts taxes. Here’s how we’ve leveraged our research to help defeat gross receipts tax  proposals in multiple states:


We briefed over 1,000 business leaders, academics, journalists, policymakers, and taxpayers, and authored 20 articles explaining the devastating impact a gross receipts tax would have on Oregon consumers and businesses.


We published new analysis, leveraged our large body of research, and designed infographics to communicate the economic implications of Governor Edwards’ gross receipts tax proposal. Within days of mobilizing, and after testifying to the state’s Ways and Means Committee, the proposal was scrapped.

West Virginia

We worked behind the scenes, educating both sides of the aisle and industry leaders about the economic consequences of Governor Justice’s gross receipts tax proposal, a tax modeled after the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax.

You can find our entire catalog of research on gross receipts and margin taxes here.

How Can I Get Involved?

Are you interested in working more closely with Tax Foundation experts to help us:

  • Identify potential issues at the state or municipal level
  • Provide insight or learn how these taxes impact your industry, company and customers
  • Strategize about potential alternative solutions to gross receipts taxes
  • Strengthen our catalog of up-to-date gross receipts tax research
  • Connect with more key state legislators and staff
  • Better educate and respond to journalists in today’s fast-paced media environment
  • Engage more in the ongoing debate online and on social media

This is your opportunity to invest in the future of pro-growth state tax policy.

Please sign up at one of the two levels on the link below to join this working group.