About the Gross Receipts Tax Working Group

High quality research is irrelevant if it goes unread. That’s why we take an on-the-ground approach through our Gross Receipts Tax Working Group to engage the people that gross receipts taxes really affect.

Through the Tax Foundation’s Gross Receipts Tax Working Group, we provide a unique setting where business leaders can connect with Tax Foundation experts to stay up-to-date on the trends of gross receipts taxes, help identify potential studies and white papers that debunk gross receipts taxes, and work directly with our economists and policy analysts to discuss upcoming Tax Foundation gross receipts tax engagement strategies.

Objectives of the Gross Receipts Tax Working Group

  • Give the business community educational materials that lay out the dangerous economic implications of adopting gross receipts taxes
  • Publish two new studies:
    • An evergreen piece on how gross receipts taxes impact specific industries and their consumers, such as transportation/logistics, retail, IT services, pass throughs, telecommunications, heavy equipment and leasing, and others
    • Conduct research on gross receipts taxes levied at the local level, examining the economic and compliance costs they impose on businesses
  • Educate policymakers about the dangerous economic impacts of gross receipts taxes
  • Produce research and marketing campaigns that challenge arguments in favor of gross receipts taxes
  • Track gross receipts tax legislation and publish resources that debunk gross receipts taxes as an efficient revenue-raiser for states

How Can I Get Involved?

Are you interested in working more closely with Tax Foundation experts to help us:

  • Identify potential issues at the state or municipal level
  • Provide insight or learn how these taxes impact your industry, company and customers
  • Strategize about potential alternative solutions to gross receipts taxes
  • Strengthen our catalog of up-to-date gross receipts tax research
  • Connect with more key state legislators and staff
  • Better educate and respond to journalists in today’s fast-paced media environment
  • Engage more in the ongoing debate online and on social media

This is your opportunity to invest in the future of pro-growth state tax policy.

Please sign up at one of the two levels on the link below to join this working group.