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Tax Foundation Europe Launches Website and Prepares Brussels Office

3 min readBy: Sarah Wilbur

The landscape of taxA tax is a mandatory payment or charge collected by local, state, and national governments from individuals or businesses to cover the costs of general government services, goods, and activities. policy is changing—and we at the Tax Foundation are changing with it. As the implementation of the global minimum tax and the digital and green transitions unfold, European policymakers must strive for principled, pro-growth tax policy. This is why our organization is expanding its reach and is excited to announce the launch of Tax Foundation Europe. With a physical presence in Brussels, we can continue to have feet on the ground in the policy stronghold for EU institutions.

As Tax Foundation Europe’s Chairman of the Board David P. Lewis said, “Extending the Tax Foundation’s physical presence and highly effective voice promoting sound, pro-growth tax and fiscal policies to Europe is a pivotal moment in our 80-plus-year history of advancing principled, insightful, and engaged thought leadership.”

Today, in preparation for this expansion, we launched our new website for Tax Foundation Europe. Next week, we will assemble hundreds of renowned members of the European tax policy community to inaugurate our doors opening in Brussels—officially marking the next chapter in our ongoing mission of championing tax policies that lead to greater economic growth and opportunity across the world.

We have seen the Tax Foundation’s voice grow in European tax policy over the last few years. From having our experts testify in front of the European Parliament to being reoccurring presenters at the European Commission Tax Symposium, our organization is making its voice heard throughout the world. By launching a new organization in Brussels, we can accelerate our engagement with global tax policy leaders in the EU and OECD, and across Member States.

Our Tax Foundation Europe website includes translations into French, German, and Spanish. Whether you are a journalist in Paris or a policymaker in Madrid, we hope our website serves as a resource for you to gain insightful research, timely analysis, and trusted data to equip you for the tax policy debate.

Tax Foundation Europe’s President and CEO Daniel Bunn said it best: “As tax policy debates increasingly have multinational impacts, the Tax Foundation has also expanded its scope to help meaningfully shape the global discussion. While we have been longtime proponents of policy analysis and education in Europe because of its larger implications on the worldwide economic stage, officially opening Tax Foundation Europe with an office near Place Luxembourg represents a tangible step toward advancing simple, neutral, stable, and transparent tax policies.”

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