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TaxEDU is designed to advance tax policy education, discussion, and understanding in classrooms, living rooms, and government chambers.

TaxEDU gives teachers the tools to make students better citizens, taxpayers a vocabulary to see through the rhetoric, lawmakers crash courses to write smarter laws, and videos and podcasts for anyone who wants to boost their tax knowledge on the go.

Tax Basics Glossary

Understand the terms of the debate with our comprehensive glossary, including over 100 tax terms and concepts.

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Explainer Videos

Our animated explainer videos are designed for the classroom, social media, and anyone looking to boost their tax knowledge on the go.

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Educational Resources

Our primers, case studies, and lesson plans form a comprehensive crash course ready for the classroom.

Featured Resources

The Deduction Podcast

The Deduction, a Tax Foundation podcast, is your guide to the complicated world of tax and economics. From the impacts of tariffs and trade wars to debates over who pays and how much, each episode, our experts untangle another aspect of the tax code.

Latest Episodes

Principles of Sound Tax Policy

As a nonpartisan, educational organization, the Tax Foundation has earned a reputation for independence and credibility. All Tax Foundation research is guided by the principles of sound tax policy—simplicity, transparency, neutrality, and stability—which should serve as touchstones for policymakers and taxpayers everywhere.

Learn More About Our Four Principles

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