2014 Tax Brackets

December 02, 2013

Every year, the IRS adjusts the federal tax brackets for inflation. This prevents "bracket creep" where inflation causes a taxpayer's income to be pushed into a higher income tax bracket even though the taxpayer has earned no additional income. The income tax brackets and rates for 2014 are in Table 1 (below).

In addition to adjusting the income brackets, the IRS adjusts more than 40 other provisions for inflation. To see the 2014 levels for some of the major tax provision, click here.

Table 1. 2014 Taxable Income Brackets and Rates


Single Filers

Married Joint Filers

Head of Household Filers


$0 to $9,075

$0 to $18,150

$0 to $12,950


$9,076 to $36,900

$18,151 to$73,800

$12,951 to $49,400


$36,901 to $89,350

$73,801 to $148,850

$49,401 to $127,550


$89,351 to $186,350

$148,851 to $226,850

$127,551 to $206,600


$186,350 to $405,100

$226,851 to $405,100

$206,601 to $405,100


$405,101 to 406,750

$405,101 to 457,600

$405,101 to $432,200





Source: Internal Revenue Service

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