The Tax Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1937. We have no endowment and must raise our budget to support our programs each year. In 2012, our total revenue ($2.21 million) consisted of support from philanthropic foundations (35%), corporate contributions (34%), individual donations (16%), and events revenue (15%). No one donor contributed more than twelve percent of our budget and, as a policy, we neither solicit nor receive financial support from any government agency. Support the Tax Foundation by clicking here!

In 2012, our expenses totaled $1.90 million, of which $1.25 million (66%) were spent on programs, $0.23 million (12%) on administrative costs, and $0.42 million (22%) on fundraising costs (in which we include donor outreach costs). Our 2013 budget is approximately $2.8 million.

Copies of our most recent Forms 990 from 2004 to the present are available below.