Welcome to William McBride!

June 2, 2011

We are excited to welcome William McBride, Ph.D. as a new economist at the Tax Foundation; his research and writing will focus on federal tax issues, including distribution of the individual income tax burden, tax expenditures in the federal budget, the corporate income tax, and the effect of taxes on growth.

William holds a Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, where his dissertation involved using agent-based modeling and simulation to analyze the effect of various banking regimes, including free banking, on asset prices. While at George Mason, he was a research assistant at the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, which was established by Nobel laureate Vernon Smith as a center for research in experimental economics.

His professional research interests are broad, including public choice, public finance, industrial organization, history of thought, and the economics of religion. He has taught microeconomics at George Mason’s economics department and managerial economics at the School of Public Policy. He also has a bachelor’s degree in physics and has worked extensively in electrical engineering and software design.

We’re very happy to welcome Will to the team. This is an exciting time to bring on a new economist, with an increasingly strong push for comprehensive tax reform coming from policymakers at the federal level and elected leaders of both major parties.

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