December 3, 2009

Video: Pennsylvania Tax System to Blame for Job Losses, Out-Migration

As President Obama kicks off his “White House to Main Street Tour” tomorrow in Allentown, Pennsylvania “in an effort to spend some time out of Washington and take the temperature on what Americans are experiencing during these challenging economic times … and share ideas for continued recovery,” a new Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact shows that Pennsylvania’s loss of jobs and residents (along with nearly $10 billion in adjusted gross income) started more than 15 years ago—and the state’s punitive tax system is at least partly to blame.

Between 1993 and 2008, the state saw more taxpayers leave the state than move into it every year but one. In the same time period, the state lost, on net, $9.7 billion in AGI.

Scott Hodge discusses some of the state’s tax problems:

Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact No. 201, “Pennsylvania’s Tax System—Not Weak Economy—Responsible for Job Losses and Out-Migration.” More on Pennsylvania.