Vermont Governor Praises Economic Inefficiencies of Sales Tax Holidays

July 16, 2008

More economic ignorance when it comes to sales tax holidays:

Gov. Jim Douglas is praising Vermont’s first two-day sales tax holiday and is hinting he’d support making it an annual event.

It will be months before the full impact of the sales tax holiday are known.

But Douglas says one retailer told him sales last weekend were 20 times what they were a year ago.

And Douglas says waiving the 6 percent tax has a ripple because retailers boost staff, pay overtime and buy advertising and food for shoppers.

Douglas is praising the extra costs that businesses must incur because of the sales tax holiday, arguing that such a cost is an economic benefit. Unbelievable.

Hey Governor, here’s another idea. How about you direct the Vermont Office of Economic Development to drive around Vermont and break every window of every house? Think of all the window repair jobs that would create.

Higher costs do not translate into greater economic well-being.

What’s even worse is that the Maine Heritage Policy Center is buying into this baloney as well, arguing that Maine should pass a similar sales tax holiday, and using the same argument of Gov. Douglas.


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