Understanding State Property Taxes

December 16, 2005

For many homeowners, December is not only the time to enjoy holiday festivities and gather with their families; it is also the time to face their dreaded property tax bills.

In addition to actually paying the tax, property owners often spend considerable time deciphering the bills. Uderstanding property taxes is not easy, especially in the 38 states that levy both state- and local-level taxes.

Nevada is one of these 38 states, and, to help taxpayers understand both the basic principles and the nuts and bolts of the state’s property taxes, the Nevada Taxpayers Association recently published a booklet titled Understanding Nevada’s Property Tax System. It explains various aspects of Nevada’s state-level property tax system and includes a glossary of terms commonly used in property tax calculations in many states.

Some useful guides to property taxes in other states: Minnesota, Montana, New York, South Carolina, Maine and Kansas.

For more on property taxes in all states, click here.

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