Twelve Days of Christmas More Expensive

December 2, 2008

The cost of the twelve days of Christmas (that is, the price of a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, three french hens, etc.) is $21,080, according to calculations by PNC Wealth Management. That’s up 8.1 percent from 2007. Buying the goods online would cost $31,957, mainly due to shipping costs. (Buying everything in all the verses—12 partridges and pear trees, 22 turtle doves, 30 french hens, etc.—will run you over $86,000.)

The 78-item package of birds, rings, and people cost a mere $12,000 in 1995, and the big factor driving it up (besides general inflation) is increased wages for skilled laborers. The price of swans-a-swimming evidently fluctuates wildly by year.

Not sure whether this package includes luxury taxes, payroll taxes, and use taxes for goods purchased via the Internet.


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