Tuesday Links: The IRS Controversy and Other Things

May 14, 2013

Some worry the IRS scandal will divert resources away from the comprehensive tax reform discussion. But both Chairman Camp and Chairman Baucus seem dedicated to reform, unveiling their new website and joint twitter account last week.

France is considering a tax on smartphones to help fund their cultural programs.

Australia hopes to cover for its $17 billion deficit by cracking down on tax evaders. If the experience of Greece is an indicator, the push won’t do much to fill Australia’s treasury. So far they have only be able to collect 19 million euros worth of the estimated 13 billion euros the government says its 1,500 biggest tax debtors owe.

Vice President Biden suggested a new sin tax on violent video games, stating “there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t” tax those companies. Legality of the tax aside, taxes shouldn’t micromanage individuals’ choices.

Time points out that maybe not all of the groups currently tax exempt should be. Currently, oraganization like the NFL and PGA receive tax-exempt status – something that Republican Senator Tom Coburn has taken an interest in eliminating.

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