Top 10 Tax Stories of the Decade

December 30, 2009

The Tax Foundation staff has ranked the top 10 tax stories of the past decade as part of a commentary that takes a look back at a 10-year period that started with a disputed election that eventually gave us large tax cuts to the end of that 10-year period with the nation on the verge of significant new tax increases as part of health care reform…and everything in between.

So what stories made the list and in what order?

1. The Bush Tax Cuts

2. The Alternative Minimum Tax

3. The IRS, Rebate Checks, and Fiscal Stimulus

4. Influence of the Housing Lobby on the Federal Tax Code

5. Emergence of Environmental Taxation as Key Policy Issue

6. Health Care and Tax Reform

7. Growth of Tax Competition (Good and Bad)

8. Rising Popularity of Nanny Tax Policies

9. The Tax Gap

10. California’s Decade of Fiscal Decay

Read the full commentary.


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