That’s heavy! (On the Lighter Side)

August 15, 2007

It is often remarked, and rightly so, that taxes are an incredibly heavy burden for folks to bear. Monday, one enterprising Hoosier found out, literally, exactly how heavy just a portion of that burden is. From the AP:

Cary Malchow was so upset by his property tax bill he decided to make a scene by paying it—all $12,656.07—with bags of change and $1 bills.

Malchow lugged the cash-filled bags to the Delaware County treasurer’s office Monday and plunked them onto the counter.

At least in part, Mr. Malchow is lucky to be a Hoosier. Indiana’s state and local property tax burden ranks 15th nationally. His load would have been much heavier in the Garden State, America’s heaviest property taxer. Something tells me if that were the case, he may have headed up the road to toss his house into Boston Harbor.

The Indianapolis Star’s photo is worth 1,000 words (and 12,656.07 dollars).

Man with bags of property tax moneyMelanie Maxwell / The Star Press

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