Thanks to the Tax Foundation Summer 2009 Interns!

August 6, 2009

This week the last of the summer interns at the Tax Foundation departs. While here, they were invaluable in assisting with research and data work along with many other miscellaneous tasks. Working closing with our team of economists and policy analysts, each also contributed substantively, to the blog and other written work. Everyone at the Tax Foundation joins me in thanking these individuals for their contributions!

Zhannur Ashigali will complete his Masters in Public Poilcy at SUNY Albany in 2010, after earning a BA in Economics with an emphasis in Mathematics from Kazakh National University in 2006. The recipient of the Bolashak Presidential Scholarship and an Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship, Zhannur has written articles for the journal Economic Strategies and has worked with the Institute for Economic Strategies-Central Asia, Citizen Action of New York, and the Ak-Zhol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan.

This summer Zhannur studied how the U.S. tax system deviates from tax ideals, reviewed literature on taxes and economic growth, and studied Tax Freedom Day for Kazakhstan.

Micah Cohen is a junior at the George Washington University. He is pursuing both a BA in International affairs and a BA in Economics. Micah is also currently enrolled in the honors program and plans on receiving special honors in International Affairs. His specific interests are in both international economics and domestic public policy. After graduation, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in law or economics. He believes in combining free market principles with practical public policies to ensure long term economic growth and market sustainability.

This summer Micah co-authored with Kiran a report on California tax reform and an op-ed, “Solving California’s Budget Problems,” published in his hometown paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Andre Dammert has a Bachelors degree in Finance from Stockholm University and is enrolled there for a Masters degree in Finance although he is considering pursuing an MA or a Ph.D in Economics instead. In the fall of 2008, Andre was a Budget and Tax Policy intern at Cato Institute and has participated in a yearlong public policy training program hosted by the Swedish think tank Timbro in 2007. Andre has also worked with commercial banking at General Electric. Andre’s internship was generously supported by the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship Program.

This summer Andre co-authored a piece with Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge on corporate tax rates in the OECD countries and studied capital gains taxes.

Jack Mountjoy recently graduated from Whitman College summa cum laude as a double major in Economics and Politics with honors. As an undergraduate, Jack served as a Research Assistant and Master Tutor in the Whitman Economics Department, lived in Egypt for a semester and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, and managed part of his college’s endowment in a student-run investment company. As a graduate, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics with interests in public economics, macroeconomics, decision theory, and political philosophy.

This summer Jack co-authored a report on Oregon tax increases and was interviewed by the Mike Siegel radio show in his home state of Washington about them. Jack also studied the grocery tax exemption and assisted our development office with donor outreach.

Kiran Sheffrin is a rising senior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, pursuing a degree in Economics and International Relations. She is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society for Economics and is a Teaching Assistant for the Economics department. She has studied economics and finance at the University of Sydney and in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a moderate fluency in Spanish. She is also a member of the Wesleyan varsity track and field team, running the sprints and hurdles as well as holding the school record in the 4x400m race. Kiran’s future plans include a possible career in law and public policy. Kiran’s internship was generously supported by the Foundation for Teaching Economics.

This summer Kiran authored an op-ed, “Game Misconduct: St. Louis Widens Jock Tax,” studied, jock taxes, and published in the Boston Herald, and co-hosted with Micah a podcast interview on California tax changes.

David Splinter is a graduate student at Rice University, where he is working on his Ph.D in Economics with a focus on Public Finance. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and has worked in a refinery and an environmental company. David also founded the Oklahoma Coalition of Independents and has interned in a state-based think tank. His interests include tax, expenditure, and education policy, along with playing classical guitar. David’s internship was generously supported by the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship Program.

This summer David published blog posts on D.C. tax issues, and helped launch a dynamic graphs project at the Tax Foundation.

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