The Ted Stevens Foundation Needs Your Support

July 29, 2008

Given the indictment today of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), we thought it would be nice to share this Boston Globe article from 2006 that described the workings of the Ted Stevens Foundation, now the North to the Future Foundation. It’s priceless:

Meanwhile, the Ted Stevens Foundation, a charity named after the Republican senator from Alaska, was established to ”assist in educating and informing the public about the career of Senator Ted Stevens,” according to the charity’s tax filing. Under law, a charity is not allowed to benefit a political candidate.

The charity’s chairman, Tim McKeever, a lobbyist who was treasurer of Stevens’s 2004 campaign, said in a telephone interview that while the charity commemorates Stevens’s career, he is not tied to its operation.

”It is nonpartisan and nonpolitical,” McKeever said. ”I reject the premise that it is a political effort.”

He said Stevens does not raise money for the foundation, although he acknowledged that Stevens has attended some fund-raisers. McKeever disputed the idea that there is a ”connectedness” between Stevens and the foundation.

So far, the foundation has saved most of its $2 million fund, with its biggest expense so far being the $40,000 acquisition of a desk that belonged to a former Alaska state senator and has since been donated to the Smithsonian. The group’s tax records say the foundation is ”also gathering information for the only public recognition of Senator Stevens’s 35 years in the US Senate to show recognition and commemoration of the career of Ted Stevens.”


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