TaxGirl’s Stimulus Payment Commercial Contest!

April 4, 2008

A few weeks ago we pointed out that the IRS will be spending $200 million publicizing and processing stimulus rebate checks, which we noted is more than was spent airing all the ads at the last Super Bowl.

Drawing on this, the Tax Girl blog has launched a Tax Rebate Super Bowl Commercial contest: design an ad that will advertise the stimulus payments going out beginning in May:

Your challenge is to promote the economic stimulus plan via print, podcast or video. You can be as serious or as cheeky as you want.

Depending on the number of entrants, there will be at least two winners – I may give out some special prizes, too.[…]

Entries must be sent via email with “Tax Rebate Super Bowl Commercial Contest” in the subject line to by 11:59pm EST on May 1 – the day before the first rebate checks will hit the mail.

You can create your ad as written text, video, print ads or podcasts. Send your written entries via plain text (either as a text file or just typed directly in the body of the email) or PDF. Scans or artwork must be in JPG. If you create a video or podcast, send me the URL where the video or podcast is hosted – consider YouTube, AOL video, Google video, Yahoo video or your own site. No other attachments or formats will be accepted.

Entries must be in English.

It’s an interesting idea, and innovative people out there might come up with some cool videos. Not that we want the IRS to follow their lead—government ad campaigns often end up overpriced and pathetic, such as the FEMA rap for kids. One commenter noted that only the government could use the word “mitigation” in a rap for kids.

Here’s the baseline: IRS Deputy Commissioner Linda Stiff gives an appropriately priced public service announcement about the stimulus payments:

More Tax Foundation commentary on the stimulus here.

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