The Taxes and the New Economy (TNEW) Working Group

About the Taxes and the New Economy (TNEW) Working Group

The emergence of apps, the cloud, the sharing economy, crowdfunding, online advertising and retail, and peer-to-peer networks have revolutionized jobs and the economy. Policymakers, scholars, and tax economists are discussing how to incorporate new economy and digital firms into existing tax regimes and how those tax systems may need to change.

Certain taxes and regulations that may have functioned adequately in an earlier time, if not revisited as the economy changes, can have the effect of holding back innovation, job growth, and better standards of living.

The questions we’ve received at the Tax Foundation from policymakers include: 

The Tax Foundation’s Taxes and the New Economy Working Group provides an intimate setting for business and tax policy leaders to strategize about the best way to engage in how policymakers should tax emerging industries and to ensure principled policy happens when doing so.

Goals of TNEW

 In order for this effort to be successful, we need your help.

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