Tax Reform in Utah?

January 20, 2006

In his State of the State address Tuesday evening, Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. made remarks stating his plans to make Utah’s tax system one of the most competitive in the region. From his State of the State address:

It is important to send a signal about our commitment to long-term competitiveness. One important way we can become more competitive is to reform our antiquated tax code.

First, we need a personal income tax system that is simpler, flatter, and fairer. We need to provide one of the lowest income tax rates in the West–and one that leaves more money in the pockets of taxpayers. [Full Speech Here]

Our most recent State Business Tax Climate Index ranks Utah’s tax system 26th nationally, so there is indeed room for Utah to become more competitive. Gov. Huntsman’s long term vision and recognition of the importance of a competitive tax system should serve as an example for elected officials nationwide.

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