Tax Incentives for… Witchcraft?

September 28, 2005

A hilarious case of tax preferences gone awry in the Netherlands. From BBC News:

A Dutch actress training to be a witch is eligible for a tax deduction for her course fees, the tax authorities in the Netherlands have decided. They allowed the 39-year-old woman to claim 2,210 euros (£1,505) for the course that lasts a year and a day.

A tax official told Reuters news agency the woman used the course “to extend her professional knowledge.” Students learn to cast spells, prepare herbs and potions and use crystal balls as well as other aspects of witchcraft.

The course organiser, Margarita Roland, said she taught apprentices all they needed to know, using magic as a force for good.

“A witch is a wise woman or man who knows about the magic of life in general and the magic of the earth in particular,” Ms Roland was quoted as saying.

Read the full story here. No word yet on the Netherlands’ official tax treatment of frog legs and unicorn horns as business inputs.

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