Tax Freedom Day Finally Arrives in Connecticut

May 8, 2008

Residents of the Constitution State celebrate Tax Freedom Day today, after a very long wait. Connecticut’s Tax Freedom Day is the latest in the nation, and significantly later than the notional Tax Freedom Day of April 23. The earliest state Tax Freedom Day this year, back on March 29, was celebrated in Alaska.

Residents of Connecticut are acutely aware of their high tax burden. We came across a blog post about the state’s late Tax Freedom Day on a website called Here’s an excerpt:

Ok, Connecticut you get to start working for your family and yourself today. Today is Tax Freedom Day, it’s the day were you’ve finally worked enough to pay all your Federal, State and Local taxes.

We in Connecticut have the honour of working longer than any other state in the Union to pay our fair share. We work till May 08th.

How ironic that Tax Freedom Day and the end of the CT Legislature Session coincide. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Other states where citizens wait unusually long for Tax Freedom Day® are California (April 30), Washington (April 29), Massachusetts (April 28), Maryland (April 28), Minnesota (April 27), and Florida and Hawaii on April 26.

Wow, we work a whole WEEK longer than our closest competitor California! Ouch!

For more on taxes in Connecticut, click here. Read the Tax Freedom Day Special Report here.

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