Tax Freedom Day® on the Blogosphere

April 27, 2008

Our new Tax Freedom Day® video has received over 15,000 views on YouTube, one of the most viewed this week, and has received some attention in the blogosphere:

  • A commenter asks, “Wait, they want to tax freedom now, too?”
  • National Review Online: “For the rest of us, here’s the super-cool YouTube video. I dare you to watch it without laughing.”
  • Tax Prof Blog: “Check out the Tax Freedom Day® song”
  • Discarded Lies: “An amusing little ditty that I found quite enjoyable.”
  • Tax Guru: “The Tax Foundation has calculated that this year’s Tax Freedom Day is tomorrow, April 23. They’ve produced an entertaining and informative video on what this means.”
  • “I’ve been waiting all year for this.”
  • National Taxpayers Union: “In tribute to your hard work and dedication, the Tax Foundation has a song for you.”
  • My Venture Pad: “So after today, we can finally start keeping all our paychecks.If only! Unfortunately, Tax Freedom Day is for illustrative purposes only.”
  • Independent Women’s Forum: “Luckily, our friends at the Tax Foundation have created a music video to lighten the mood:”
  • Freedom Talks: “This is silly. But I like it anyway.”
  • “So if there’s a little more of a spring in your step at work today, it’s probably because you realize that this week’s paycheck will belong solely to you. Well, sort of.”
  • Commonwealth Foundation: “Here is a something a bit lighter for anyone with an election day hangover.”
  • Cato At Liberty: “To compensate for being the bearer of bad fiscal news, the Tax Foundation released an amusing video.”
  • Suitably Flip: “I know what you’re going to ask. And yes, there is a music video.”

See the Tax Freedom Day® report here and the video here.

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