Tax Foundation’s Website Among the “Online Tax Canon” … and the Best of the Blogosphere

December 29, 2008

In a play off of the “Western Canon of literature [that] has been all but emasculated in recent decades by left-wing PC forces that rule academia,” Peter Pappas, a CPA and Tax Attorney in Orlando, features the Tax Foundation’s website among ten sites in “The Online Tax Canon” on his Tax Lawyer’s Blog, describing it as “a must link for all tax professionals.” Also included in the Canon are the websites for the IRS, Tax Analysts, Tax Almanac,,, United States Tax Court, Tax Policy Center, TaxProf Blog, and Andrew Mitchell Tax Charts.

As for the rest of the blogosphere:

  • Jeff Lehner of Ohio cites our State-Local Tax Burden study in a letter to the editor to the Washington Post in response to discussion about the potential of the federal government bailing out states. He posted his letter to his Free Market Politics blog.
  • The Garden State Patriot blog features our property tax data bemoaning the amount of New Jersey counties among the top in median property taxes paid for owner-occupied housing.
  • Roy Edroso of The Village Voice’s “Runnin’ Scared” blog also features our property tax data comparing New Jersey and New York counties.
  • The Nevada Taxpayer Guide blog stirs up a debate over our State-Local Tax Burden study and how it can be interpreted for the Silver State.
  • Russ Fox’s Taxable Talk blog features our State Business Tax Climate Index in an analysis of NY Governor David Paterson’s plan to increase 88 taxes and user fees.

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