February 1, 2008

Tax Foundation Releases Presidential Candidate Tax Plan Comparison

With the upcoming 2008 presidential election, tax policy will soon be on voters’ minds more than ever. Taxes are one of the central issues in any national election, and it is important for the public to understand candidates’ general views toward tax policy as well as their positions on specific issues, such as the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and corporate tax rates. While some candidates have been more forthcoming and specific than others about their stance on various tax issues, they will all need to divulge and elaborate on their positions as the race progresses.

To help voters sort through the details of each candidate’s proposal, the Tax Foundation has released a comparison of the candidates’ positions on the most important tax questions of this election. To use this page, simply check the boxes next to the names of the candidates whose plans you would like to compare and click “Compare.” As the race narrows and the remaining candidates refine and expound their positions, we will expand this page.

Click here to view the chart.