Tax Foundation Helps Advance Mississippi Tax Reform

April 4, 2008

Yesterday, Tonya recapped our trip to Mississippi, where we had the opportunity to testify before the State Tax Study Commission, which was established by Governor Haley Barbour to prepare a comprehensive study of the state’s tax system and recommend improvements by this coming summer.

We took the opportunity to present a new paper outlining recommendations for the Commission to consider, and I must say that the Governor and the Commission were extremely engaged, asking excellent questions and showing a determination to understand the issues.

Here are three pictures from our trip:

Tonya with Governor Barbour, me, and Commission Chair Leland Speed:


Tonya with Forest Thigpen, Commission Member and President of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, who graciously gave us a tour of the Capitol:


Tonya and I in front of the Mississippi State Capitol:


We hope to continue to keep in touch with Mississippi and offer research and analysis assistance as their reform efforts progress.


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