The Tax Foundation Has New Interactive Tool For Migration Data, No Written Report

September 17, 2010

The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) ran an article today discussing out-migration of New Jersey, which is relatively large compared to other states. The headline read “N.J. ranks 5th in nation for most out-of-state migration, report says.” Then the article goes on to quote the Tax Foundation as being the source of that “report.”

Unfortunately, the headline is misleading. The Tax Foundation did not write a report concerning New Jersey or migration data. The Star-Ledger called us and was interested in the topic of migration, and oddly enough, we were at the time in the midst of releasing an interactive migration data tool on our interactive website: So we produced some numbers out of that tool and gave them to the newspaper, and answered some of their questions as to what factors drive migration, always pointing out that taxes (as well as what people are getting for those taxes) is only one of many factors that go into movements of people across states.

Again, there is no published Tax Foundation report on interstate migration. We have merely converted IRS data that is in loads of hard-to-navigate spreadsheets into an easy-to-use tool for people to see interstate migration. We have gotten requests for this data a lot and felt it was worth putting into a website. We plan to launch similar tools for other economic and tax data soon.


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