Tax Foundation Fact-Checks Final Presidential Debate for Joe the Plumber

October 18, 2008

In the final Presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, dominated by economic policy, both candidates made many of the same misleading statements they've made in past debates and on the campaign trail.

With much of the discussion directed towards "Joe the Plumber," a voter Obama recently met with in Ohio who is concerned about his business, Gerald Prante provides Joe with the facts when it comes to both candidates' claims on taxes.

Read the Tax Fact Check on the debate. Read the Tax Foundation's commentary on the second debate, the first debate, or the vice-presidential debate. More on Joe the Plumber here, here, and here.

Click here for more analysis of the presidential candidates' tax plans, and here to compare specific provisions of the tax plans of McCain, Obama, Bob Barr (Libertarian Party), Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party), Cynthia McKinney (Green Party), and Ralph Nader (independent).

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