State Budgets: Washington Governor Goes for the “Washington Monument” Ploy

December 26, 2008

Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) is probably using the Washington Monument ploy to increase pressure for a federal bailout of the states when she dramatically announced $3 billion in reductions from the $33.5 billion biennial budget, including a suspension on government worker pay raises (already the subject of a lawsuit), class size reductions, health care cuts, and eliminating 13 state parks. Gregoire also warned that the gap could grow to $6 billion if revenues continue to decline. However, the budget is still a 1 percent spending increase over the previous one, meaning that what’s being cut is spending growth, not spending. The plan also assumes receiving $1 billion in federal aid. Gregoire did not address questions of whether she would support tax increases or tax credit elimination.

More on Washington here.

(Note: Updated 1/12 to clarify that the lawsuit mentioned is brought on behalf of all government workers. Thanks to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation for the clarification.)

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