Sammy Sosa Meets the IRS

September 14, 2005

If Sammy Sosa’s season with the Baltimore Orioles hasn’t been bad enough, today it got worse. A story in The Canadian Press reports that Sosa spent a vast sum of money to deal with IRS regulations.

MIAMI (AP) – Sammy Sosa settled a lawsuit Tuesday that alleged the Baltimore Orioles slugger owed more tha $22,000 US for a law firm’s work in resolving tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, a lawyer said.

Read the full piece here.

This story once again highlights the consequences of tax complexity. Successful individuals like Mr. Sosa are blessed with the resources to afford a high-powered tax law firm to represent them. Unfortunately, most Americans are not in the financial position to afford a $ 22,000 bill to help them deal with the IRS.

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