Quick Tax Quiz: Match the Wacky Tax to the State

June 19, 2009

Tax codes at all levels of government are littered with strange, sometimes comical, tax provisions. Can you match each tax provision with its state?

Click on the first line of your choice to find out whether it’s correct.

A) Playing card tax: Georgia
“Exceptional tree” deduction: Connecticut
Blueberry tax: Vermont
“Sparklers and novelties” fee: Kentucky

B) Playing card tax: Oklahoma
“Exceptional tree” deduction: Washington
Blueberry tax: New York
“Sparklers and novelties” fee: Delaware

C) Playing card tax: Alabama
“Exceptional tree” deduction: Hawaii
Blueberry tax: Maine
“Sparklers and novelties” fee: West Virginia

D) Playing card tax: South Dakota
“Exceptional tree” deduction: Nebraska
Blueberry tax: Rhode Island
“Sparklers and novelties” fee: Ohio

E) Playing card tax: Utah
“Exceptional tree” deduction: New Hampshire
Blueberry tax: Massachusetts
“Sparklers and novelties” fee: Tennessee

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