Tax Foundation Honors Rep. Paul Ryan with Distinguished Service Award

November 24, 2010

Washington, D.C., November 24, 2010 – Recently the Tax Foundation honored Rep. Paul Ryan with its Distinguished Service Award, for his work to advance fiscal restraint and sound tax policy in the U.S. Congress. The award was presented at the Foundation’s 73rd annual dinner and fundraising gala in Washington, D.C. In his acceptance speech, Congressman Ryan highlighted elements of his “Roadmap” plan for cutting spending and reforming the tax code. Photographs of the event, held November 17th at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel, are now available online.

“We’re honored to have Rep. Ryan as a Distinguished Service Award recipient this year,” said Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge. “His dedication to a fiscally-responsible government that lives within its means is a service not just to his constituents in Wisconsin, but to taxpayers across the country.”

Past recipients include a long list of distinguished public servants, elected officials, and business leaders, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Eli Lilly CEO Sidney Taurel. This year Rep. Ryan was joined by fellow Distinguished Service Award recipients Rep. John Tanner of Tennessee and James W. Owens, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar, Inc.

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