2017 Tax Freedom Day Report Now Available

April 18, 2017

Americans collectively work several months a year to earn enough income to cover the federal, state, and local taxes they owe. The Tax Foundation uses income and tax burden data to calculate when each state—and the country as a whole—has paid off its total tax burden. This year Tax Freedom Day for the U.S. is April 23.

In 2017, U.S. taxpayers will collectively spend more on taxes than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.

The total tax burden borne by residents of different states varies considerably due to differing state tax policies and the progressivity of the federal tax system. States with higher incomes and higher taxes celebrate Tax Freedom Day later. The states with the latest Tax Freedom Day in 2017 are Connecticut (May 21), New Jersey (May 13), and New York (May 11). Residents of Mississippi will bear the lowest average tax burden in 2017, with Tax Freedom Day arriving for them on April 5. Also early are Tennessee (April 7) and South Dakota (April 8).

Click here to view the full Tax Freedom Day report.

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