President Obama and Congress Unveil Simplified Tax Forms

April 1, 2010

Download Schedule_NaughtyDownload Schedule_Nice

President Barack Obama was joined by Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to unveil new tax schedules for the 2010 filing year. The schedules, “Schedule Naughty” and “Schedule Nice,” will clarify the purpose of the tax system.

“Look, our tax system is no longer about raising revenue,” said President Obama. “The time for debate on that is over.”

“Exactly,” echoed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), joined at the podium by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA). “The purpose of the tax code is to reward our friends, punish our enemies, and micromanage everyone’s decisions.”

The new tax schedules divide all the numerous credits, deductions, exemptions, exclusions, benefits, and punishments into two easy forms. Taxpayers who do nice things list them on Schedule Nice to receive tax benefits. Taxpayers who do naughty things list them on Schedule Naughty to receive tax penalties.

“We think housing is nice, so that’s on Schedule Nice,” explained Cantor.

“And eating fatty foods is naughty, so that’s on Schedule Naughty,” added Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA).

President Obama concluded the conference: “Gone are those terrible days when the tax code didn’t involve itself in every decision!”

Examples of the forms are below, and can be downloaded here:

Schedule Nice (PDF) | Schedule Naughty (PDF)

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