Please Don’t Mail Your Tax Returns to the Tax Foundation

March 19, 2015

Someone mailed us their tax returns and documents today. We quickly sent it back to that individual, as we neither process tax returns nor assist individuals with tax planning or preparation. Tax documents contain a lot of private information and everyone should be very careful about to whom they send this information. Here's where to file your federal tax returns.

We are here for taxpayers but we are unable to assist individuals with tax planning or preparation. Our staff includes scholars who study tax policy and data, not tax preparation professionals. If your question involves tax policy or data, we will do our best to assist you, but if you have a question about your own taxes, e.g. which deductions to take or whether your employer withheld the correct amount from your paycheck, please contact an accountant, tax attorney, tax preparation service, or the IRS. The IRS will answer questions about federal tax returns, forms, and refunds. (Please see this page of contact information on the IRS website.) If you have a question about your state or local tax payments, forms, refunds, etc., please contact your state's department of revenue. (See the list of state revenue department websites here—scroll to "State Departments of Revenue Websites.")


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