Pittsburgh Tax Authorities Assess Parking Space at $289,800

January 2, 2012

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Griffin: “So this gorgeous view and the apartment that goes with it is assessed at less than $300,000?”

Milesky: “It is.”

Griffin: “And the dank, dark, parking space downstairs with the cracks in it is assessed at what?”

Milesky: “$289,800.”

Griffin: “When you saw that number, how did you react?”

Milesky: “Well, you had to laugh a little bit because I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized how serious it was.”

Chuckling no more, Milesky realizes he must now fight a legal fight to have this parking space re-assessed to a value he calls reasonable.

It’s unfortunate that fighting property tax assessments is usually quite an ordeal. I hope, though, that Pittsburgh authorities eat crow very quickly on this rather ridiculous example.

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