Pennsylvania Man Protests Property Tax by Paying It in $1 Bills

September 6, 2013

Robert Fernandes, of Forks Township, Pennsylvania, thinks his property taxes are too high. He showed up at the tax office with his $7,143.54 school property tax payment in $1 bills (plus two boxes of donuts for the tax officers for their trouble). Fernandes and his wife home-school their kids, so they object to paying so much for a service they don't use:

"It needs to be seen — this is $7,143.54 of my hard-earned money,” Fernandes goes on to say. “It's pretty tough to me to part with this. I can think of better uses for this money than to give it to some service I don't use."

The tax officer took the money over to a bank to count it, and then accepted the payment. There's a video on YouTube of Fernandes making his payment:

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