The Paul Ryan Record on Tax and Budget Policy

August 13, 2012

With the news that Mitt Romney has named House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to be his running mate in November, there has been a renewed rush of interest in the tax and budget policies championed by the Wisconsin Republican. Naturally, we at the Tax Foundation are not new to the game of assessing the plans of prominent congressional leaders like Rep. Ryan, so we'd like to present a short roundup of past analysis going back a few years on the presumptive Vice Presidential nominee:

CITATION: "The Great Debate: Paul Ryan and the rich man’s burden" by Michael Maiello in Reuters (8/12/12)

CITATION: "Obama's Julia a woman in need of protector" by Debra J. Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle (5/8/12)

VIDEO: "Will McBride on the Budget: President Obama vs. Rep. Paul Ryan" on Fox Business (4/3/12)

BLOG POST: "The Paul Ryan Budget Plan" by Nick Kasprak (3/20/12)

BLOG POST: "Entitlements and Tax Cuts and Income Inequality" by Joseph Henchman (11/28/11)

BLOG POST: "Is Congress Ready for Comprehensive Tax Reform?" by Richard Morrison (8/30/11)

BLOG POST: "Details on the 'Gang of Six' Plan" by Ryan Rosso (7/21/11)

BLOG POST: "Are 'Tax Expenditures' Really Spending in the Tax Code?" by Scott A. Hodge (4/14/11)

BLOG POST: "Don't Be Fooled By Hysterical Talk of Deep Cuts in Taxes or Spending" by Scott A. Hodge (4/11/11)

BLOG POST: "Tax Reform and the Long-Term Budget" by Mark Robyn (4/8/11)

MEDIA STATEMENT: "Ryan Plan Smartly Marries Tax Reform with Spending Reform" by Scott A. Hodge (4/5/11)

BLOG POST: "Looking into the Crystal Ball for Tax Policy in 2011" by Scott A. Hodge (12/30/10)

BLOG POST: "How to Balance the Federal Budget?" by Joseph Henchman (11/19/10)

VIDEO: "Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) cites data from the Tax Foundation's 'Fiscal Incidence' Project" on Fox Business (2/15/10)

CITATION: "Ryan's Roadmap" by Jed Babbin in Human Events (2/10/10)

PRESS RELEASE: "Wisconsin Congressman Urges Tax, Monetary and Entitlement Policy Reform" (3/4/09)

PODCAST: Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI): Tax, Monetary and Entitlement Policy Reform (3/4/09)

And, of course, Rep. Ryan was also the recipient of the Tax Foundation's Distinguished Service Award in 2010. The full list of past recipients (since 1941) is here.

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