New York City Imposes “Sin Tax” on Tebow Jersey Sales

April 1, 2012

New York City officials today announced a plan to levy a 4 percent “sin tax” on sales of Tim Tebow New York Jets jerseys. The team’s recent decision to acquire the quarterback has been highly controversial among Big Apple residents.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg argued at a press conference that the tax is needed compensate the rest of society for “wearing these distasteful jerseys.” Bloomberg also said he hopes to use the revenue for educational campaigns about the dangers of non-New York sports heroes.

“We already had the second-worst quarterback in the league in Mark Sanchez,” quipped one Manhattan sports tavern owner. “Now we have the worst one too! Hopefully the tax will discourage people from wearing these jerseys and reminding me.”

Opponents claim that excise taxes often do more harm than good. Some worry about the consequences of an emerging black market for jerseys, much like we see with cigarettes. One expert stated that “we put a sin tax on Sanchez merchandise, and what did that lead to? Tim Tebow. I can’t even imagine what awaits us when this plan goes through.”

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