February 5, 2008

New Tax Policy Podcast with Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson

The Tax Foundation recently released a new Tax Policy Podcast interview with Nina Olson, the nation’s Taxpayer Advocate at the IRS and the recipient of the Tax Foundation’s 2007 Public Sector Distinguished Service Award. Ms. Olson discuses with Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge the role of the Taxpayer Advocate in protecting taxpayer rights, the independence of the office, and the annual report she submits to Congress identifying problems facing taxpayers.

She also explains that her office handled over 240,000 cases last year, an increasing number of which involve middle-income taxpayers. She discusses the problems that taxpayers and the IRS face when Congress enacts end-of-the-year tax law changes and explains her recent recommendation for payments to taxpayers who have suffered the consequences of IRS mistakes. The interview is 21 minutes, 20 seconds.

Click here to listen to the podcast.