New Tax Policy Podcast: Staff Economist Josh Barro on the 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index

October 23, 2008

Wyoming has the best, and New Jersey has the worst, tax systems when it comes to "business friendliness," according to the Tax Foundation's recently completed 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index, a ranking of the 50 state tax systems that provides a roadmap for state lawmakers concerned with keeping their states tax-competitive. Keeping a state competitive in today's global marketplace can be difficult, but there is one factor lawmakers have direct control over: the quality of state tax systems. The Index measures how well a state's tax system encourages investment by maintaining a broad tax base and low rates.

In this podcast, Tax Foundation Staff Economist Josh Barro, author of the this year's report, discusses the importance of the Index and gives us some good news and bad news from some specific states: New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island and Utah.

Click here to listen to the podcast. Click here to read the 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index.

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