New Podcast on Taxing the Rich with David Logan

August 19, 2011

With all of the furor over Warren Buffett’s recent New York Times op-ed on higher tax rates for wealthy Americans, I dedicded to put the Tax Foundation’s own David S. Logan into the guest seat on this week’s podcast. He takes on the arch-billionaire’s arguments for higher marginal tax rates for top earners, while reminding us the share of the federal income tax burden already borne by those with big incomes. From David’s companion piece on this blog:

Contrary to Mr. Buffett’s and President Obama’s perceptions, America’s wealthiest taxpayers are paying a disproportionate share of the income tax burden. Before we ask the rich to pay more, perhaps we should ask those who are paying nothing to contribute at least something to the basic cost of government.

For more on David and the Oracle of Omaha, click here. Listen to the podcast here.

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