New Podcast: Richard Rahn of the Cato Institute – Tax Havens, Tax Competition and Financial Privacy

March 25, 2009

From the March 17, 2009 edition of the Wall Street Journal:

“If the government suddenly said you would incur more onerous and expensive tax regulations and reporting requirements if you moved your business to a low-tax state such as Texas or Florida from a high-tax state such as New York or California, you would be justifiably outraged. Now substitute Switzerland and Bermuda for Texas and Florida, and France and Germany for New York and California, and you’ll understand a new form of ‘tax protectionism’ that is infecting Washington.”

That was written by Dr. Richard Rahn, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, in an op-ed entitled “In Defense of Tax Havens.” In this edition of the Tax Policy Podcast, I talk with Rahn about various proposals in Congress that would increase taxes, penalties and regulations on investment in low-tax jurisdictions rather than high-tax jurisdictions, as well as the importance of tax competition and financial privacy.

Click here for the podcast.

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