New Podcast on the Prospects for Tax Reform in Maine

September 16, 2011

This week on the Tax Policy Podcast, I talked with Maine State Rep. Gary Knight about the renewed push for statewide tax reform in the Pine Tree State. As chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation, Rep. Knight is at the center for the move to make the state more competitive and lower the overall tax burden of Maine residents.

A.J. Higgins of Maine Public Broadcasting recently reported on the legislative efforts:

Some members of the [tax reform] panel, such as Rep. Gary Knight, a Livermore Falls Republican, would like to see that top rate dropped to as low as 4 percent, which could cost the state even more. “It is our goal to bring the income tax level down to a much lower level than the 7.95,” Knight said. “We want to be a state that invites business to this state, and 7.95 still puts us among the highest states. So we feel that ultimately–and I think this is across party lines, that we need to be more in the four to five percent range to be effective.”

Read more about Maine here and listen to the podcast here.

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